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Attention Those Wanting to Burn Fat and Build Muscle at the Same Time: You're About to Discover How to Take Your Old Workouts and Flip Them Upside Down By Training Like an Athlete to Get a Lean Ripped Body...

Discover How This Revolutionary Fitness System Uses The Training Secrets Of Athlete Workouts To Achieve Rapid Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Building Results In Less Than 60 Days

Believe It Or Not, This Is The First System That Uses Athlete Workouts To Build Muscle And Burn Fat At The Same Time While Cranking Your Metabolism To Its Limit...And I'm So Confident That It Works I'm Giving You 60 Days To Try It Out

Date: Tuesday, 11:30am
From: Josh Schlottman

Are you sick and tired of going to workout and not having a clue what to do?

Wouldn't you rather have a training system that will hold you by the hand, take ALL the guesswork out and deliver an awesome athlete workout that'll annihilate fat and gain lean muscle all at the same time?

Are you ready for an extreme workout that'll challenge you outside your boring comfortable average-Joe workouts so you can finally stop screwing around and create the body you were meant to have?

My name is Josh Schlottman and I'm the creator of the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system. I've been an athlete all of my life and through years and years of research I've finally developed a complete system for a complete body transformation.

When I was going through the design and blueprinting process I wanted to create this lean body training system based on athlete workouts that wouldn't require a bunch of fancy expensive equipment but based it on bodyweight and dumbbell training.

So even if you're strapped for time and and you can't even make it to the gym to get your workout in, all you have to do now is to push play on one of my H.E.A.T. Blast 7 videos and you're ready for an extreme workout for maximal fat burning.

Let Me Show You More

WARNING: These athlete workouts are on the extreme side and if you'd rather hang out on an elliptical reading a book for an hour than take your fat burning game to a whole 'nother level then this may not be the program for you.

Most, if not all training programs out there are training specific body parts only to leave you wondering why you aren't getting any real results.

The Problem: Old School Workouts DON'T Work Anymore

The body was designed to be used in full and through multiple planes of movement.

Ask yourself, how many athletes have you seen training just one or two muscle groups all day? NONE... at least not any good ones.

Another HUGE problem with traditional bodybuilding training is that you're only working one training system.

While you're wasting your time doing the latest fad workout that was in Muscle & Fitness that they paid the steroid-popping bodybuilder to say they used, true professional athletes are doing things like explosive plyometrics, speed drills, core conditioning, dynamic warm-ups and full-body metabolic resistance training to burn the most calories possible while also gaining lean muscle.

And to finish it off, who's left to inspire and motivate you when most workouts leave you totally ALONE to workout.

Have you every seen an athlete not have a coach or training partner nearby?

The Solution: Extreme Athlete Workouts That Build Muscle and Burn Fat Fast at the Same Time

This is precisely why I created the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system. To fight against all the traditional old school bodybuilding rubbish and to take a GIANT leap forward and start training the body the way it really wants to train.

In each workout you'll find a complete fat loss athlete workout that will literally hold you by the hand and push you to your limits. I designed this extreme workout to burn the most fat possible while also strengthening and building your muscles.

Each workout in the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system contains the 7 core components needed to get an athletically ripped body:

1) Dynamite Warm-Up: Use the techniques created by modern strength coaches to prepare the body for an extreme total-body athlete workout. This is not the "walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes" kind of warm-up.

This dynamic warm-up will get your blood pumping and your body combat ready by quickly activating your body's muscle groups and systems.

2) Bulletproof Body Arming: By using joint strengthening and muscle activation techniques pioneered by athlete trainers and physical therapists to correct muscle imbalances and prevent aching injuries.

No real athlete can afford to get hurt and with this injury-free component of the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system you'll feel better than ever.

3) Power Plyometrics: Develop quick explosive power that will also get your heart rate cranking high. In a quick fat loss tabata format, the Power Plyometrics component alone will burn more fat and build more muscle than 97% of all other workout programs out there.

4) Explosive Strength + Speed: Combining metabolic total-body resistance training and cardio speed we're using the two systems of the body that will give you the most fat burning and muscle building results. This is easily the most intense part of the workout but you'll also be rewarded with the best results.

5) Combat Core Conditioning: Gone are the days of doing 1000's of situps and practically wasting your time while you're putting boatloads of unnecessary stress on your spine. In this hard-core component of the workout we're going to blast the stomach fat away by doing core exercises used in athlete workouts that will also get your abs ripped.

6) Xtreme Metabolic Finisher: Quite possible the most challenging part of this extreme workout as it blasts your heart rate so you can finish the workout killing the most calories as possible. Doing these Xtreme Metabolic Finishers have also been scientifically proven to keep your body burning fat long AFTER you finish your workout while 97% of all other workouts STOP burning calories immediately after you finish working out.

7) MMA Warrior Flexibility: MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) athletes have to be incredibly flexible to beat their competition and in this final component of the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system I'l give you the same stretches professionals do in their athlete workouts to drastically increase their flexibility so they DON'T get their heads pounded in.

"Since I'm the creator of the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system it's easy for me to be a little biased but this is the same system I've used to get in the best shape of my life. I use to be 29 lbs. overweight and my bodyfat percentage was through the roof, but using these training protcols has allowed me to change my body and now I finally have the confidence to walk on the beach with my shirt off."

- Josh Schlottman

And on top of the 3 included extreme workouts you get in the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system I wanted to go above-and-beyond and deliver even more to ensure you get the athletically lean body you really want.

Component 1: The H.E.A.T. Blast 7 Workouts ($197 Value): 3 Extreme workouts with me and I'll hold your hand and tell you exactly what you need to be doing throughout the workout.  Each workout has all 7 components of the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system.  Discover for yourself the most revolutionary training system to give you an athletically ripped body fast. And I'm just getting started...



Component 2: Meal Plans ($197 Value): Designed by a Registered Dietician to make sure you know exactly what to be eating to burn the most fat possible and it takes all the guesswork out of knowing what and how much to eat to create the best body possible. In the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 Meal Plans, each and every meal of every day is completely laid out for you so all you really have to do is just follow along.  You now have a nutrition plan laid all out for you! There are two versions too, one for males and one for females...we got you covered! (Digital Version only)

Component 3: Workout Log Sheets ($47 Value): Track your progress as I took all the hard work out of it for you so now you can worry about doing the workout instead of writing down everything.  Now all you have to do is follow along and put in your results. (Digital Version only)


iPod Version ($197 Value): If you're ready to start working out right now and you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch then you'll be able to automatically load the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 workouts so you can take these athlete workouts wherever you go.


Today I'm not going to make you pay the full retail $638 this training system is worth, but instead I'm going to give you my 1st cousin discount...



So if you're ready to take action with your life and finally get the lean athlete body then quite the hesitation and click the Add to Cart! button below to immediately get started on your fat loss and muscle building success.

And if you're still teetering o nthe edge then I'm going to go ahead and take all the worry off of you and put it all on me. If the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system doesn't work for you or even if you just don't like it then I'll give you a full refund within 60 days.

This is really a no lose situation for you. And if for some reason you're unhappy and do want your money back, I'll give you your money back without any hassles.

It's kind of like going out to a nice dinner, eating anything you want and having the option of paying the bill or not.

All you'll have to do is email me and I'll give you a prompt and courteous refund. So the only question left is what do you really have to lose? Except extra fat and a sluggish body...

Hey, I want to be really serious with you right now. You can train hundreds of clients and athletes, read numerous strength and conditioning journals, attend dozens of seminars, read a hundred or so books and then you could finally create a training system that's on the same level of H.E.A.T. Blast 7.

But if you don't have the time for that and would rather pay me to do all that work for you, then the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 complete training system is just for you.

I've done all the work for you and now all you have to do is follow what I'm about to show you in each workout.

Are You Ready?

Go ahead and end the excuses and procrastination once and for all by clickin the button below to get started on the most revolutionary athlete workouts for fat loss and muscle building system ever created.

To your success,

Josh Schlottman, CSCS

This product is 100% digitally downloadable; no hard products will be shipped.

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